Web Scraper Plus+ 5.5

We are excited to announce the new version of Web Scraper Plus+. There are many new features and bug fixes, most of which are listed below.

New Features

Upgrading from previous versions

The upgrade from previous versions of Web Scraper to version 5.5.1 is a major architectural change. Most significantly, the entire backend database engine has changed from MS SQL 2000 to 2005. Because of this, running the setup.exe file will not fully upgrade your installation to the SQL 2005 architecture. Your installation will continue to run, but we do not recommend the configuration, and if you call for support the first thing we will do is tell you to upgrade to SQL 2005. To upgrade fully and take advantage of the new architecture, you have two choices.

  1. Backup your existing datapages and packages, uninstall your current version of Web Scraper, and install the new one.
  2. Upgrade manually by following the steps under the ManualUpgrade directory of the WebScraperCD.