Velocityscape: Products

Web Data --> Extracted. 

Our products all center around one idea, extract data from the web automatically.

We offer products that fall under two main categories to accomplish this:

  • Scraping Products take data from the web put that data into a spreadsheet or database.
  • Macro Products let you get to your data quickly and painlessly.

Any data,
any time,
any way you
want it... choose
the website.


Web Scraper

  • With Web Scraper Plus+ you can
  • Catalog Extraction
  • Member List Extraction
  • Templated Web Data Extraction
  • Web Spider / Web Crawler

Web Macros

  • With Web Macros you can
  • Automated Form Filling
  • Site testing and verification
  • Record your browser actions
  • Branching/looping logic support

What do I need?


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