Katrina Survivor Databases United

Scottsdale, Arizona Sept 24, 2005

Launched today, katrina.velocityscape.com helps unite Katrina survivors with loved ones by linking over 25 grassroots sites together with a simple Google-like search. “We already search over 500,000 postings, by far the most on the Internet, and our goal is to add another 250,000 by the end of the day,” explains Michael J. Roberts Velocityscape’s President, “It is constantly being updated.”


"I’m really relieved there is finally one place people can go and get information," said Lacey Jones, a Phoenix resident who has primarily used Nola.com to check on loved ones in New Orleans. "Until now there was a good chance that somebody I knew and cared about had posted somewhere else. I’m glad someone answered the call."


The site, katrina.velocityscape.com is operational today and offers a search box for the entry of names, city, state, or terms and displays a posting summary, the date posted, and the source web. The summary of the posting is a hyperlink directly to the original source web sites content that matches the search. It searches people from all over the web including the Red Cross, Yahoo, MSNBC, Nolo, Gulf Coast News, and many other Katrina outposts.


“After a large disaster and mass evacuation you will have families and loved ones who end up separated trying to find one an other. There are also friends and family trying to find people they care about. Currently we are extracting over 30 web sites with information about Katrina survivors and are constantly finding others. It is imperative to compile this information and to reunite these people. We are working hard to integrate all the information that we can to help this cause.” said Ryan McLaughlin Director of Engineering at Velocityscape.


“In addition to monetary donations, we saw the opportunity to utilize the company’s core skills to provide a desperately needed service to assist Hurricane Katrina’s survivors. We are working to contact the Red Cross, FEMA, and any other organizations that can use this information. We will provide this service as long as there is a need, free of charge. Helping to reuniting children with their parents, families, and loved ones is a top priority for us. We are updating the site everyday at the minimum and hourly if possible.” said David Fiske, Director of Sales and Marketing at Velocityscape.




The Response

"...i've been killing myself (emotionally) trying to physically search all the different survivor sites for my cousins. This is a GODSEND!..." more