Download any of our number of leading web automation products today! Those products marked "Trial and Full Version" are fully functional for 21 days, so all you have to do is activate them to get the full version. Or you can always download and use Web Macros Free which is free to everyone.
Compatible with Windows: XP, Vista, and Server 2003. *Not currently compatible with Windows 7.
Web Scraper Plus+ 5.5 (Trial and Full Version) 77.0 MB


Web Macros (Trial and Full Version) 7.13 MB


Web Scraper Lite 5.0 (Trial and Full Version) 52.0 MB 5.0.23 [Readme]
Web Macros Free 6.24 MB 1.0.1 [Release Notes]
Web Scraper Plus+ 5.5 - CD Version for Manual Installs Only 77.3 MB 5.5.1 [Readme]
Web Scraper Lite 5.0 - CD Version for Manual Installs Only 52.6 MB 5.0.23 [Readme]
Web Scraper Plus+ Manual (new version coming soon!) 16.8 MB 4.0.0  
Web Macros Manual 223 KB 1.0.1