About: Velocityscape

Who We Are. 

Velocityscape is a privately held software product and services company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  We were founded in 1999 by Michael J. Roberts as a one-man bootstrap operation and have grown steadily posting gains year after year even through the dotcom collapse.  Prior to founding Velocityscape, Mr. Roberts worked a software architect for Microsoft.


What We Do. 

We focus solely on products and solutions that move data between the web and a database or spreadsheet.  Focus is key to our execution.  We strive to build the best products and provide the best services at the best value in our space.  We can't do that if we try to do too much too fast.  So, we build and perfect our products and solutions, plan our resources, and execute with that focus above all else.


Our Values.

There are a lot of ways to make money in the world.  It seems to us that in business you can make money either by adding value to peoples' lives or by taking advantage of their weaknesses.  We believe that there is no success in profits gained from the latter.  It is, indeed, a great failure of character.  At the end of the day, if you can't be proud of how you made someone's life better, then why do business at all?  Sincerely.  Because no amount of money can buy the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something truly innovative that adds significant value to someone's day. 


Our Customers.

Since 1999, Velocityscape has been delivering world class solutions to industry leaders like Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, American Express, Charles Schwab, Ebay, Cisco Systems, ING, and Chevron to name a few.  With that said, over 60% of our business still comes from small businesses and entrepreneurs.